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Are you ready for change? Want to feel like yourself again? Want to have meaningful relationships in all areas of your life? Want to finally be free from self-doubt and worry and live a happy, successful and fulfilling life? Take the first step and schedule your free consultation today.


The care you deserve.





        I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified School Social Worker and Mental Wellness Consultant dedicated to providing culturally sensitive and relevant services to individuals. I have eight years of experience and take great pride in my work. My treatment approach has yielded positive outcomes such as increased insight, self-worth and ability to cope as well as decreased symptoms of anxiety and negative thought patterns.


         My years of experience provides me with a unique skill set that allows me to help my clients plot a route through the many different and intimidating social systems. I have worked with many different populations across various settings. I believe in using a collaborative approach because you as the client are the expert of your life. Together, let’s build a therapeutic alliance that will allow us to sit through difficult moments in a safe and comfortable space while you do the work to B Your Best!

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